Bug bounty

The team of our programmers has made every effort to ensure the complete security of our site. However, there is always the possibility that we might have missed something. Therefore, we offer a reward to any user who detects a vulnerability on our site.

Reward amount

The amount of a reward for each detected vulnerability starts at 1 000 USD(only for critical errors). Any detected error is paid for on the one-time basis to the first person who reported it..

Reward terms

  • Do not report the error to anyone but us..
  • Don't attempt to exploit this vulnerability for personal gain..
  • Allow us time to correct the error before making it public..
If you fail to comply with these requirements your attempts will be considered as an attack and will be prosecuted. To notify us of an error, create a ticket with the appropriate topic through your personal account. Include in your message as much information about the vulnerability as possible, as well as your Bitcoin address to receive a reward. Re-send your message not earlier than after 3 business days if you have not received a reply to your first message.