About the company

We are a young and ambitious team “living” by our brainchild. Despite the fact that our law firm was founded in March 2019, we have known one another for years. We connected more than once while developing various major projects but now we have gotten together in order to create our own huge ecosystem.

At the moment, we offer our clients a wide range of services already. Everyone can use our service according to their needs. Regardless of the level of your experience with cryptocurrency you can find a convenient option for using our resource.

Those who are able and know how to make money on the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency exchange rate are happy to use the amenities of our trading platform. We have implemented trading pairs of the most popular cryptocurrencies. All this is accompanied by convenient methods of funds depositing and withdrawal.

For those who want to invest in cryptocurrency but are afraid of losing their money, we have several profitable rate plans for trust management of your funds. Our professional traders are ready to pay you daily interest on your investments.

And if all you need is an online crypto-wallet, you can receive and make transfers or use our service to store cryptocurrency.

Moreover, those users who don't have funds for trading but can attract new customers into our service and earn interest on investments made by attracted users, are not left out either. Besides, we have a Bounty program of rewards for posts on social networks and rewards for detecting vulnerabilities on our website.

If you have questions you can ask them through the ticket system in your account.

Our team

Peter Byrne
CEO & Сo-founder
Felix Schultess
Aaron Stephenson
Head of engineering
Evan Hall
General Advisor
Peter Norton
General Advisor
Raymond Thomas
Head of Strategy
Margaret Cole
Head of Communication
Robin Fisk
Head of Marketing and PR
Ivory Clark
Head of Design
Spencer Davey
Head of trading
Lucas Holland
Head of technology
Ellie Higgins
Head of Social & Content
Shannon Barrett
Head of Compliance
Amy Pyo
Head of Finance